What our customers have said about our service:

When I needed to set up my gift shop's Point of Sale, Rick became well versed in this program so it would integrate with my accounting Quickbooks Program. He was a great help in setting up and maintaining our gift shop. We feel he is dedicated and conscientious.

-- Joyce's Gifts

We have been extremely pleased with the professional services we have been provided by Ricky Cobb over the last three and a half years. After living overseas for 25 years my wife and I returned to the US where we set up a small company that operates globally. Having the right technology (both hardware and software) was critical to the success of our company. Ricky provided us with expert advice on the type of system we needed and we would be comfortable with (a PC based system for the company and a Mac system for home use.) Ricky also was able to advise us on other hardware products such as "boosters" and "routers". In addition to the hardware he has been great in the software area, both in installation and in follow up and maintained. He is dependable, knowledge, honest, and responds quickly to concerns and needs. We strongly recommend him to anyone in need of expert advice in the area of IT.

-- Brad Herbert, Brad Herbert Associates

Our dental office has used Mr. Cobb's services to set up, update and maintain the 8 computers and digital equipment. We have a very complicated set up since each piece of equipment is digital and depends on the other. Mr. Cobb investigated compatibility of these programs. He also familiarized himself with each of the dental programs used in our office so he could work with us when we had a problem. We highly recommend his services not only for his knowledge, but outstanding service, honesty and reliability.

-- Dr. R. Landsman, All Gentle Dental, Ocean Pines, Maryland

If you ever need help with your computer I highly recommend Ricky Cobb whom I've known for years and who has given me immeasurable help in buying, setting up and maintaining my two computers. He's very professional and highly skilled not to mention having a great work ethic and as you all know that's often very hard to come by these days.

-- Alice Lyons