Our services include consultation, repair, virus removal, maintenance, networking, installations (hardware and software), data recovery, web design and more. See below for pricing information or about making payments online.


We offer solutions based off your needs. We can custom design something new, or use your existing equipment to configure your computer, peripherals and networks to your liking.

We also offer training, tutoring and step-by-step computer instruction. All lessons are done in plain English, no 'computer-ese' or 'tech speak' (unless, of course, you want 'computer-ese' we speak that too ;)

Virus Removal

Symptoms: Your computer slows way down since you've first had it. You get pop ups or have unwanted interruptions when you're using your computer. You're using a Windows based PC or laptop. Diagnosis: Likely virus infection. In most cases, the above symptoms mean you've got a virus (also called malware or spyware, trojan, worm, rootkit).

There are many kinds of viruses, but the one thing you need to know is they are all bad and don't belong in your PC. Part of our virus removal service is informing you and taking steps to ensure your computer is secured after it's been cleaned up. Sometimes the infection requires a System Restore which is often a easier and better way to get rid of the viruses. Anti-virus software alone may not be enough to keep your computer secure -- there are many layers to keeping the computer secure.


Take advantage of your high-speed internet connection on all your PCs with a wireless or wired network. We'll install or troubleshoot your networking at your home or office. The network will also be secured and wireless passwords set to ensure your peace of mind and protect your privacy.

Data Recovery

If you lose your data it could be like losing your business or your whole life of memories. We partner with Ontrack Data Recovery to get your data back and save the world. Well maybe not the last part, but it may feel like that to you once you've got it recovered.

Some recoveries may need to be sent in for recovery. Just about any media or drive can be recovered (flash, hard, floppy and so on). Recover my data!


If it's not broke, no problem. If it is broke, no problem. We'll fix that for you or give you options if it absolutely must be replaced. Most of our repair issues are actually virus related or system restores. Sometimes internal components like hard drives, power supplies or memory sticks fail. It happens.

In any case, we'll diagnose the system and give our recommendations before you decide what to do. It is highly recommended to bring your restore DVDs/CDs (usually labeled Windows, Dell, etc) if you have them as this may speed up the repair time. We repair desktops and laptops, all brands.


We will do regular maintenance for your computer. Including physical cleaning/dusting, updates, tune-ups, security checks, data backups and general upgrades.

Think what would happen to your car if you never changed the oil? The car would not act right, it might start making noises and then one day -- it doesn't work anymore! It's the same with your computer. Computers need attention too. Without proper care and attention things die. Don't let your computer die a premature death! With proper maintenance a computer can last you many years of good service. Many years is about 3-5 years in most cases, sometimes more.


New computer or laptop? Let us install it, configure it and transfer your documents, emails, pictures, music and other data to this new computer. We'll also ensure your computer is secure and ready to go for you. First time user? We'll tutor too.

Other Services

We will work with you to find a harmonious solution for your technology needs. Contact us to set up service or ask a question.


All of our services (except web design and data recovery, see below) are priced at an hourly rate. We do this so you are not overcharged for many itemized lists of services. This approach also means we are motivated to move swiftly but deliberately. Our time is valuable but your time is more so. We strive to give you the best service and do it right the first time. This saves you many return trips back and forth between shops that may take weeks before they even take a look at your computer.

On-site and Drop off (shop) rates are as follows:

On-site rates: $50 trip fee + $50 first hour + $40/hr thereafter.

To simplify that: The first hour of service would be $100 and each additional hour would be $40. Hours are accrued in 30 minute increments, so you'll only be charged for every 1/2 hour.

For example:


Most calls are about two hours give or take an hour depending on the circumstances.

Shop rates: $40/hr for all jobs.

For example:


Drop off service may take a day or two for service completion. Shop rate is also billed by the half hour.

Product fees plus applicable sales tax are not included in the above pricing. Data Recovery has it's own pricing if the media needs to be sent in for analysis or recovery. Web design pricing varies depending on the project. Get a quote for web design services. Payment for products sold is due when services are rendered. Service payments are due up to 30 days from the date of service. We guarantee all of our work.

Pay Online

We accept most forms of payment online via PayPal including Visa/Mastercard credit cards.
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